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Project Details

Project : Greenply

Website : www.greenply.com

Challenge :

Greenply, the trailblazer of the surface industry, entrusted us with a remarkable task – to create a catalog that showcases their extravagant Veneer collection, embodying the delicate and ethereal elements that inspire their creative range.

Strategy :

With boundless enthusiasm, we embarked on this creative endeavor, determined to capture the essence of Greenply's exquisite veneers. Drawing inspiration from nature's resplendent beauty, we meticulously crafted a catalog that exudes elegance, sophistication, and artistic flair. Every page of the catalog is a visual feast, celebrating the delicate patterns, rich textures, and captivating hues that define Greenply's veneer collection. Our team poured their creative prowess into designing a catalog that not only educates but also ignites the imagination of architects, interior designers, and enthusiasts alike.
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